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Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co. Ltd

Luoyang Henan China

Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co. Ltd is located at Luoyang in China, Henan . They are Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers etc. of various chemical items. Their main business regions are China, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan etc. The chemicals they are supplying mainly used for Lubricant Additives, Lubricants etc. The company established in the year 2019. Their Supplying / Manufacturing Chemical Items are given below :

Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co. Ltd
No.1, Longxiang Road, Luolong,
Luoyang, Henan, China

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Phone Numbers
+8637965992018 +8613525952965 +8615824993447

Company Message

We are professional supplier of engine oil pacakge: Diesel Engine oil pacakge, gasoline engine oil pacakge, marine oil pacakge, CNG engine oil pacakage, motorcycle oil package for kinds of API level. Please tell us your requirements, we will advise the suitable products for you. OEM orders are wellcomed.


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