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Required Zinc Phenol Sulphonate – Enquiry From Genoa Italy

Requirement :

I write from a pharmaceutical company in Italy and I am looking for Zinc phenol sulphonate.
I see on your web site that you have it

We use it as atypical API in a pharma production; so we need pharma an excipient of pharma grade.
Do you produce 127-82-2? If yes, do you have Quality Certifications for production to give us?
If you are a distributor, has your company certifications of the Quality System, for ex Excipact, specific for excipient? Can you provide also name and certification of the producer?
Since we use it in pharmaceutical production, we must trace the supply chain of the product
If you can supply with quality certifications , I ask you to send me a CoA for check and your quotation
Our need would be around 20 – 25 Kg
Thank you for your feedback

Post Date : 07 Mar 2022 

City / Country : Genoa Italy
Phone No. : +39 0101 381222

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