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Luton Bedfordshire UK

Kumar Organic Products Limited is located at Luton Bedfordshire in United Kingdom UK . They are Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers etc. of various chemical items. Their main business regions are Argentina, Brazil, Germany, India, Iraq, Italy, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom UK, USA etc. The chemicals they are supplying mainly used for Chemical Industries, Cosmetic Chemicals, Cosmetics, Cosmetics Industries, Food and Beverage Chemicals, Food Beverage additives, Food Industries, Paint Industries, Personal Care Chemicals, Pharmaceutical chemicals, Pharmaceutical Industries etc. The main brands of the company are Kopcarotol, Kopcerin, Kopcinol, Kopcitrate Zn TH, Kopcolate, Kopcolate-A, Kopcotrizinol, Kopcyclamine, Kopdil, Kopester, Kopexil, Kopirox, Kopirox PE, Koplactate, Koplactate Zn, Koplactylate, Kopnol, Kopraditol, Kopraphinol, Kopsan, Kopsoyatol, Kopthione, Kopthione Natura, Kopthonium, Koptrizon, Kopulan, Kopuron, Kopxylenol, Kopyrrol . They are achieved FDA, GHS, GMP, ISO, Reach, US FDA certificates. The company established in the year 1991. Their Supplying / Manufacturing Chemical Items are given below :

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Kumar Organic Products Limited
St.Mary’s Road, Luton,
Bedfordshire, LU1 3JA
England, United Kingdom

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Phone Numbers
+441582437119 +447739709174

Company Message

At KOPL, we synergize the right chemistry to provide our clients the best active ingredient for their Hair Care, Skin Care, Sun Care, Paints & Coatings and Food & Healthcare products. In a journey of 26 years, KOPL has relentlessly strived for excellence meeting the demands of customers from around the world. Today KOPL has a wide variety of 50 products which is manufactured at five world class manufacturing plants and a State of Art Research and Development Centre in India.

Our branch offices and subsidiaries in Singapore, Basel(Switzerland) , Bahnhofstraße (Germany), Luton(UK), New Jersey(USA) are strategically located to ensure seamless service to customers the world over. Our exports reach more than 80 countries through distribution network spread across the USA, UK, Switzerland, Singapore, South America and MEA(Middle East and Africa).


Business Regions

Chemical Items

4-n-butyl Resorcinol
Ammonium thioglycolate
Benzalkonium chloride BKC
Benzethonium chloride
Calcium thioglycolate
Caprylyl glycol
Ciclopirox Olamine
Copper Pyrithione
Decyl Oleate
Diaminopyrimidine Oxide
Diaminopyrimidine Oxide Oxothiazolidinecarboxylate
Diethylhexyl Butamido Triazone
Ethylhexyl triazone
Ethylhexylglycerin Caprylyl glycol
Ethylhexylglycerin PG Octenidine HCl
Ethylheylglycerin Plus PE
Isodecyl Oleate
L-(-)-2-Oxothiazolidine-4- Carboxylic acid
Lauryl Lactate
Lauryl Lactyl Lactate
Myristyl Myristate
n-Butyl Resorcinol
Octenidine HCl
Para Chloro Meta Xylenol (PCMX)
Piroctone Olamine
Piroctone Olamine PE
Polyglyceryl oleate
Potassium thioglycolate
Pyrimidine diamine oxide
Pyrrolidinyl Diaminopyrimidine Oxide
Pyrrolidinyl Diaminopyrimidine Oxide Oxothiazolidinecarboxylate
Radish Root Ferment Filtrate
Sodium hyaluronate
Sodium Lactate
Sodium lactate 50%
Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate
Sodium Pyrithione
Zinc citrate dihydrate
Zinc citrate trihydrate
Zinc lactate dihydrate
Zinc Pyrithione
Zinc pyrithione 50%
Zinc pyrithione 50% plus Phenoxyethanol

Industrial Usage

Chemical Brands




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