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Require Rothschildianum Fluid Extract – Enquiry From Cambodia

Requirement :
We are involved in the manufacturing, procuring and supplying Branded and Generic Medicine, Medical Disposable, Medical Device, Nutritional and Healthcare market. We supply the Private sector, Public sector, Quasi-Government Sectors as well as Non-Government Organizations (NGOs).

We have urgent need of a product which is vital in the production of vaccine and antiviral drugs for animals. The fluid extract product has been used as an ingredient for production of animal vaccines and antibodies like Oseltamivir, an antiviral animal drugs that slow the spread of influenza (flu) virus between cells in the body by stopping the virus from chemically cutting ties with its host cells.

The fluid Extract product name is called ROTHSCHILDIANUM FLUID EXTRACT PRODUCT. It is gotten from Paphiopedilum Rothschildianum (Rothschild’s slipper orchid) plant.

Post Date : 26 Apr 2021 

Company : Dilip Randco Pharma Ltd
City / Country : Cambodia
Phone No. : +855 68653054

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